Culture  4.0


E-Heritage is the digitisation and preservation of cultural heritage artefacts and their transformation into a virtual reality (VR).  The logical next step to make this information available to a broad, worldwide public is the transfer into VR. Monuments, buildings and objects that exist or no longer exist are brought to life and can be linked to documents, videos, audio and eyewitness accounts, photos, etc. This means that even cultural assets that are not accessible for conservation or security reasons are opened 24/7 to a worldwide audience in a barrier-free manner. Culture is thus preserved for future generations. Even boundaries set by states or financial means no longer exist in virtual space. 

Das virtuelle Museum 

Often, the development of a museum fails for lack of financial means. And by the fact that many exhibits are privately owned by investors who do not necessarily want to make them available to the public. Now, thanks to VR, it is possible to put together an exhibition, or even an entire museum with rooms, stairs, corridors and other details, with an innovative lighting concept, for example. Artists who are nearly forgotten, of little or only local fame will be given a platform to present their work, their motivation and their message. 

Video: Die Godesburg Castle - Spiral stairway and panoramic view